Meet Tomato Salsa – our new spicy product
Tomato Salsa is the world’s first ‘agile’ discovery and code generation tool to support DevOps.
Software Companies could afford to have long development cycles in the past and using a Waterfall Software Development Methodology was sufficient. There was a limited number of devices and or browser types they had to cater for.
These times are gone !
Today customers expect innovation to take place quickly. Time to market and various competing products are a prime concern. Developments are rapid and new release and versions must be deployed continually. Progressive companies now fully employ Agile and DevOps methodologies. There are various expensive test automation tools available on the market however the majority of test automation today is written using open source tools like Selenium or Selenium based.
In reality Software Developers and a new type of Tester, (namely Technical Testers) write, manage and maintain test automation in these new environments.
This is why we developed Tomato Salsa – it supports your open source tools, Selenium, Visual Studio or other selenium based tools.

  • In-build discovery function.
  • Automatic code generation.
  • In-build framework to provide a robust and stable automation.

The Result :

  • Up to 90% of time saving during discovery and code generation.
  • Code generation based on best practice providing high level industry standards.
  • Source code generation as basis for complete test creation.
  • Continue to save money using your open source Test Automation with Tomato Salsa bridging the gaps.
  • Flexibility – use the code for any tool
  • Save money – no more lock in to expensive Test Automation tools.